Here is a list of recent comments/testimonials from people that we have worked with. Please call 01604 239404 or email [email protected] to access Autism Concern’s services


“They help people compassionately through outreach and telephone. Nothing is too much trouble. They try to come up with solutions.”

 “They are empowering and enabling – you can deal on a more equal footing with professionals. We are so lucky to have it.”

 “They gave me back a sense of perspective and got me to where I needed to go eventually. I don’t know who else I would have turned to.”

 “It hasn’t mattered who I have spoken to, whether staff or volunteer, they have all been professional, helpful and supportive, empathic and very real.”

“Staff can have to crystallise things and have a wealth of personal knowledge and experience.”

“You can ask staff anything and they seem to know everything. They are very knowledgeable and up-to-date.”

 “If I have ever rung up and asked for help, they always have done.”

 “The staff are very knowledgeable and can help with specific issues.”

“The support is always good they are always available at the end of the phone”

 “I thought I knew about lots of the services available, but Autism Concern put me in contact with many more I had never heard of.”

“They have made lots of suggestions and signposted to lots of places but are never pushy.”

“They are good at signposting they found out exactly who I needed to contact.”

 “They have unbiased opinions that can help move services forward.”

 “The staff are professional, exemplary, capable, knowledgeable and effective at networking. They are very positive about what they are doing.”

 “They are a really important partner to us, not just because of the work we do together, but also the way in which they support other groups in their development.” (partner org)

 “They are a very active partner, a good voluntary organisation, specialist and local…advocacy and mediation are embedded into the service.” (partner org)

 “They really understand and empathise with people and want to help them and do everything they can.” (partner org)

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