My Autism – A Poem by Tasha Krywald aged 17

My Autism – A Poem by Tasha Krywald aged 17

There is more to some people,

Than meets the eye,

My tantrums no tantrum,

My shy isn’t shy,

My panic isn’t exaggerated,

But instead it’s my mind,

That tells me these experiences,

Are not what I should find.

I sometimes get nervous,

Sometimes I will run,

I might laugh at the wrong moment,

Or have too much fun.

I can struggle with talking,

And society alike,

It took me quite long,

To learn how to ride a bike.

In fact everything I do,

Takes a little longer,

But my weaknesses also,

Help to make me stronger.

Sometimes I forget,

Sometimes I get scared,

And I always need

To ensure I’m prepared.

I need a schedule,

I form attachments so fast,

I get confused,

Between present, future and past.

I struggle to explain what I mean,

And always ask ‘why’

I shake, I stutter,

I laugh but I cry.

I have these moments,

Meltdowns they are called,

When I have little control,

It’s like my brain has stalled.

I struggle with trust,

Sensations make me fear,

And when faced with the unknown,

I try to keep clear,

But I am also so smiley,

Friendly and caring,

I like to join in,

And I can be quite daring.

I face my fears,

And my challenges too,

There is very little,

I cannot do.

I try my hardest,

And I usually succeed,

I have so much love,

And I do not have greed.

I try to stay smiling,

A character I can be,

I may be different,

But it doesn’t define me!

There is a special thing,

That makes me this way,

An awesome difference,

That affects me every day.

It is no negative,

Just happens to be,

That autism is

A part of me!! ☺️

By Tasha Krywald

Age 17

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