Autism Concern was formed in 1992 (charity number 1062611) and owes its beginnings to a group of parents of children with autism, who recognised that services for autistic people in the county were fragmentary and inadequate, particularly with regards to practical support following diagnosis. They determined that they would promote the care, treatment and education of children and adults with autism and to secure for them provision commensurate with their need

Autism Concern is now serving the thousands of people who form Northamptonshire’s autism community with their play schemes, youth groups, family support service and training as well as raising awareness of autism and raising money to fund, sustain and create new schemes.

In 2018 Autism Concern took a big step towards the future and merged with Autism East Midlands. Robert Woodford, Chair of Trustees comments:

“Our 25th year became a seminal moment. Not content with letting this charity go backwards, we decided to be proactive. We sought a merger with another charity. We believe that not only will it secure our short-term stability, but more excitingly, a larger organisation will allow us to provide a wider variety of services and greater depth to our offering.”

The charity continues into the future with the same passion and commitment to supporting the local autism community that it had when it formed 25 years ago. With the support of Autism East Midlands and their experienced team we look forward to the next 25 years and beyond.

Our Mission

The charity is a ‘parent led’ organisation whose mission is to provide high quality services to people across the autistic spectrum throughout their lives which will maximise their opportunities and add to the quality of their lives and that of their families and carers

The organisation also seeks to raise public awareness of autism in order that a greater understanding of the condition in the community will relieve the stresses of the person with autism and their carers and in order to raise the vital funds needed to provide current services. 


Our Values

We will always seek to conduct relationships with our people, clients, supporters, volunteers and members on a basis of respect and mutually understood expectation

  • We will always value the contribution of our people, clients, supporters, volunteers and Society members and endeavour to provide appropriate recognition and rewards.
  • We will promote social inclusion through community involvement and we will work to remove any barriers that discriminate against any individual.
  • We will encourage everyone working for Autism Concern to understand the importance of their contribution and how their involvement is fundamental to our mission.
  • We recognise that we are a community-based organisation that will always endeavour to listen and consult with members of our community and provide services that they need.  

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the care, treatment and education of children, young people, and adults with autism and to secure for them provision commensurate with their needs.
  • To increase public awareness regarding the problems and circumstances of people with autism and the impact on their families and carers, encouraging their acceptance and support in the community.
  • To be available to all people with autism and their families and carers for advice, support and practical care provision.
  • To foster mutual help, co-operation and friendship between parents, families, carers, helpers and those entrusted with the care of people with autism. 

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